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Bond Calculation
Affordability Calculator

How much house can I afford? The Affordability Calculator determines the largest mortgage and property sales price you can afford based on your current financial status. It is useful to have this estimate when you contact a lender. Being pre-approved can often times give you a stronger negotiating position when purchasing your home.

Enter Data Here   Your Estimated Results
Monthly Income - R   Maximum Mortgage Amount
Monthly Obligations - R
Can not be more than 30%
  Down Payment
Down Payment - %   Property Sales Price
Closing Costs - %    Closing Costs
Buyer(s) Available Cash Funds   Down Payment & Closing Costs
Savings & Cash - R   Funds Surplus / Shortage (-)
Taxes and Insurance    Monthly Loan Payment
Annual Property Tax - %    Monthly Property Tax
Annual Insurance- %    Monthly Hazard Insurance
Annual Levy - R    Monthly Condo Fee
Loan Parameters    Monthly PMI Insurance
Annual Interest Rate - %   Monthly Housing Expense
Loan Term in years