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Market: Residential

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Type/Location Additional Info Asking Rental Asking Amount Images
RP01 Residential, Polokwane R600 000
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RS04 Residential, Polokwane One bedroom property available. Pre-paid electricity, water bill will be provided by agents. Carport at extra cost R220.00 R4 335/PM
RS10 Residential, Polokwane Two bedroom property available immediately. Water and electricity account will be provided by the owner. R4 800/PM
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RS100 Residential, Polokwane 3 Bedroom house available from the 1st of January 2020. Outside room with bathroom, pet friendly. R8 000/PM
RS104 Residential, Polokwane Townhouse available immediately. Municipal water and pre-paid electricity. Situated in a modern and safe complex. R6 700/PM
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RS13 Residential, Polokwane 2x Bedroom, Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen, Carport Water Included & Pre-paid electricity R4 500/PM
RS15 Residential, Polokwane Four bedroom house available immediately. JOJO tank, braai area. R13 600/PM
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RS34 Residential, Polokwane Bachelor flat available. That is situated in the CPD. For only R 3 390.00 per month. A cozy bachelor flat with a small kitchenette available, with a bathroom. Pre-paid electricity and water icluded. Contact us today to book your viewing appointment. R3 390/PM
RS60 Residential, Polokwane Cozy bachelor flat available immediately. Situated in a peaceful area of the CPD. Tons of natural light flows through the property, that gives a calm atmosphere. Bathroom with a fully tiled shower. Pre-paid electricity, water R100.00 per month. Please feel free to give us a call for more information. R3 100/PM
RS63 Residential, Polokwane Water included and electricity payable by tenant. People the age of 50 and above may apply for the property. R7 160/PM
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RS64 Residential, Polokwane Property available from the 1st of January 2020. Pre-paid electricity, pre-paid water. R4 820/PM
RS77 Residential, Polokwane Bachelor flat available from the 1st of February. Bachelor flat with a bathroom you share a kitchen with another unit. Pre-paid electricity and R 70.00 water per month. R3 470/PM
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